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Vietnam: Hanoi, Cambodia: Phnom Penh
Official Language
Vietnam: Vietnamese, Cambodia: Khmer
Vietnam: 93 million, Cambodia: 16 million
Vietnam: Vietnamese Dong, Cambodia: Cambodian Riel
Time Zone
Drives on the

Vietnam and Cambodia are the beating heart of South East Asia. What could be more thrilling than delving beneath a shroud of Cambodian jungle to explore UNESCO heritage site Angkor Wat? Or more inexplicably blissful than relaxing in Vietnam’s Halong Bay? Vietnam and Cambodia are both little countries with big histories, and it’s impossible to come away without deep affection for their unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism. Whether wandering quaint Hoi Ann or crunching into crusty baguettes in Phnom Penh, a Globus tour to Vietnam and Cambodia will invigorate your soul.


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